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BodiTrak - ground monitoring

Open any golf magazine or search the archives of any golf site and you’ll be likely to find a tip related to the importance of maintaining balance in the swing. After all, balance seems like a good thing in human movement, why wouldn’t it be a good thing in our golf swing.

BODITRAK Performance

We are a leading-edge sports technology company, focused on the interaction between an athlete and the ground. We are a sister company to Vista Medical, who developed the pressure-sensing technologies used in our products. Vista has been active in the pressure sensor production business since 1995. All of our products are (proudly) manufactured in Canada.

Our Team

BODITRAK’s team is driven to give you the best possible system for improving your game or professional practice.

We have also established an industry-leading Advisory Board, who keep us current on understanding and interpreting the data we measure.

Tour Players and the Ground

How do tour players put BodiTrak to use?

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Rory Mcilroy

How does Rory Mcilroy use BodiTrak to help his game?

BodiTrak and Rory Mcilroy

Phil Mickelson

How does Phil Mickelson use BodiTrak to help his game?

BodiTrak & Phil Mickelson

BodiTrak Certified

BodiTrack Certifacation program

Comprehensive, clear & actionable.

Designed to address the core biomechanics & concepts about how a golfer uses the ground – but also immediate ideas for application in golf instruction.

The video-based course is all online, and accredited by the major PGA associations.

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