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Do you want to improve? Should you start lessons? How long? How many? What is correct for you?

Knowing the best and fastest way to improve your golf game is not an easy task. Golf is a game that has a larger learning curve than most games. To accomplish a competent level and feel comfortable with your game can take time, work and practice. My goal is to steer you through this task as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

If this is your first lesson with me I recommend a full hour to review your history with the  game and put together the best plan of action for your game. 

Beginners and advanced players can greatly enhance their learning curve by bringing a pencil and note book. I know we all work hard to remember key points of our lessons, but, in the end we forget the details. At the end of a lesson I will leave you with a prioritized list and a plan. On the following lesson a quick review will bring us right to where we were, what you have done, and where we need to go.


Ken Bellerose Jr.

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