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Learn to read and understand putting greens


"Perfect Putter"

As a professional golfer, Ramon Bescansa always struggled making enough putts. Like many golfers, he found himself focusing too much on putting stroke and didn’t pay enough attention to a vital part of great putting - green reading.

After several frustrating weeks on the green, his dad, Ramon Bescansa De La Gandara, pointed out that his green reading skills were not up to par. It became clear that this was the flaw he would have to address if he ever wanted to improve. He needed to start working in this aspect of the game.

Unable to find something that would help develop better green reading skills, Ramon and his father (an engineer) developed a prototype of The Perfect Putter.

Crafting the Perfect Roll

The idea behind it was to have a device that would create the perfect roll on the golf ball every time, to allow for consistent testing of a golfer's green-reading abilities and to understand the true line on putts.

As a golfer, Ramon immediately saw that his putting improved dramatically! Putting quickly became his favorite part of the game. But, he quickly found out that there was so much more to The Perfect Putter than just aiding with green reading. While his visualization got better, he began to develop specific drills to help hone his skills.

One of his favorite drills is the chalk line for breaking putts and using the gates for starting the ball online, to work on both speed control. These drills quickly became foundational to his putting practice because it gave instant feedback and allowed for correction after every putt. 

The Perfect Putter also taught him to understand the difficulty of making putts in less than perfect conditions. He finally learned how big an impact different variables, such as green conditions and gusting winds, have on the golf ball.

The Result 

The Perfect Putter has become an essential tool for more than 135 PGA TOUR players and has even appeared on the Golf Channel. It has proven to help golfers of all levels learn to read the green and improve their game, from TOUR professionals and teaching pros to weekend warriors and even beginners.

To learn more about how The Perfect Putter works, visit our How to Use page. This teaching tool can truly change the way you play the game.